Yellow Iron Oxide 10g

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Iron oxides are cosmetic pigments that originate from natural minerals and are considered both synthetic and mineral when refined. Used to tint sunscreens, create complexion-enhancing makeup shades, and help protect skin from visible light.

Get Creative and use iron oxides to color bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, soaps, and many more DIY projects.

Iron oxides are resistant to moisture, don’t easily bleed or smear and have “staying power” so only a little application is needed.

They can be used in a variety of oil based formulas.

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-Iron Oxides are known as natural pigments

-Get Creative and  Use iron oxides to color bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, soaps, and many more DIY projects.

-The four different iron oxides of black, brown, yellow, and red

-Blending colors with titanium dioxide can create a wide range of natural-looking skin and color tones

DIY Mascara Recipe

25 g Sweet Almond Oil
15 g Carnauba Wax
10 g Beeswax
7.5 g Stearic Acid
1 g Vitamin E Oil

Phase 1
6 g Base (as seen above)
1.2 g Ceteareth
0.75 g Stearic Acid

Phase 2
30 g Aloe Vera Gel
2.5 g Glycerine
10 drops Liquid D-Panthenol

Phase 3
2.6 g Rice Powder
1 tsp Black Oxide

-Place all of the base ingredients into a heat-proof container, and heat until melted in a microwave.

-Once melted, pour the base into a suitable container to cool and harden.

The base can be kept ready for use and should last for a good year or two.

The base is poured into a container to store and set aside, it will last 2 years

-Next weigh out your phase 1 ingredients into a heatproof container and set aside.

-Phase 1 ingredients are measured in a heatproof container
-Weigh out your phase 2 ingredients into a separate heat-proof container.

Phase 2 ingredients are weighed in a heatproof container
-Melt your phase 1 ingredients in the microwave. Meanwhile, place your container with the phase 2 ingredients into a pan that you’ve filled with just-boiled water.
-Once your phase 1 ingredient are fully melted, place that container into the pan alongside your phase 2.
-Both phase 1 and 2 ingredients sit in a water bath to keep warm
-Leave your container in the pan and set it aside whilst you weigh out your phase 3 ingredients.

Phase 3 ingredients are measured in a container
-Add your phase 3 ingredients to your phase 1 ingredients and mix well.
-Phase 3 ingredients are added to phase 1 ingredients.
-Next add in your phase 2 ingredients and stir well. The mascara should now be a good thick -consistency so that it clings well to the lashes.
-Phase 2 ingredients are added to phase 1 and 3 ingredients
-Now it’s time to get the mixture into your mascara tube. Use a big syringe, Pour mixture at the back of a syringe the press it into the mascara tub
-Fill ¾ of the way, place the stopper on the bottle and then the applicator lid.

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    Used for home made face powder and feels great on my skin.

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