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    Gentle Moisturising Shaving Cream

    Gentle Moisturising Shaving Cream What goes in a gentle moisturising shaving cream? Water – hydrates & softens the skin keeping it flexible, and also works as a solvent to activate the rest of the ingredients. Water is an essential component, this is why shaving soaps need to be mixed with water into a lather first in order to be effective. Humectants – attract moisture to the surface of your skin providing a constant stream of hydration throughout the shaving process. Surfactants – provide lather that acts as a cushion to protect your skin during shaving. Surfactants produce “foam” due to having both oil and water-loving properties, this reduces the contact between your skin…

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    Melt and Pour Guide

    A melt and pour soap base consists of a few high-quality ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and natural fatty acids that can be used to easily create soaps right in your own home. By using an array of different molds and combined with your own fragrances and colorful dyes, you can create a truly incredible variety of different soaps full of beneficial ingredients that are not only great for your skin but stimulating to your senses as well. This guide will cover the most important aspects of creating your own soap with melt and pour soap bases and why you should focus on selecting only the highest quality plant-based ingredients for your soaps in…