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    Sulphate free shampoo with sodium lauroyl sarcosinate

    SHAMPOO FORMULATION with Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS:This is a Sulphate free shampoo with natural surfactants. It is a clear shampoo; you can add colour or use a fragrance with transparent colour for more clear (similar to water) shampoo.• Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate: Anionic surfactant which is mild and has good foaming properties.• Coco glucoside: Non-ionic surfactant which increases the mildness of the shampoo. Decyl glucoside can be used but the foam will differ.• Coco Betaine: Amphoteric surfactant which boosts foam and also helps in increasing viscosity.Conditioning ingredients:• Glycerine(optional) is a humectant which adds moisture to the hair.• Polyquat 7: It is a cationic conditioning agent which reduces frizz and…