Tamanu / Foraha Organic Oil 25ml

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Tamanu oil is an active ingredient used in many skincare products, including anti-aging creams. The oil is rich in fatty acids, which can help keep the skin moisturized. It also contains antioxidants, which fight against damage from free radicals.

Tamanu Oil is cold-pressed from the nut of Calophyllum inophyllum. This oil is also known as Foraha or simply Calophyllum. Tamanu Oil is considered to be one of the most active of all plant oils. Well known for its healing and nourishing activity, this is one of the best choices for inflammatory skin conditions. Its unique fatty acid composition speeds new cell growth making it ideal for acne skin types as well as for scarred and damaged skin.

Tamanu Oil Calophyllum inophyllum is also known to increase microcirculation making it an excellent choice for skin prone to ingrown hair and spots.

Shake before use for best results, the oil tends to solidify at cool temperatures or form a thick waxy layer at the top of the bottle, this is normal.


Appearance: Dark Green Slightly Viscous Liquid *
Odor: High Nut Odor
Solubility: Oil Soluble
Storage: Tightly Sealed, Protected from Direct Heat / Light
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled

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Benefits of Foraha/Tamanu Oil:
  • Promotes the formation of new tissue
  • Wound healing and  assists the growth of healthy skin
  • Can be applied liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings and  abrasions
  • Effective against acne and acne scars
  • Almost magical for scars and stretch marks
  • Great germicide as it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Helpful with psoriasis, diabetic sores and anal fissures
  • Relieves sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters and eczema
  • Effective against herpes sores and shingles
  • Relieves neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica
  • Effective against skin ulcers
  • Promotes healthy, clear, blemish-free skin
  • Relieves a sore throat when it is applied to the neck
  • Prevents diaper rash and skin eruptions on babies

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