Sweet Spicy Alive & Awake Herbal Tea

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Our Spicy Sweet Alive tea is grounding and warming, Perfect for the winter season.

Working with this blend daily can help strengthen your nervous system, immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, and endocrine system and build deep reserves of energy.

If you find yourself reaching for stimulants such as coffee and sweets, try this blend instead.

Feel free to add coconut cream, or a low glycemic sweetener for a delicious, energizing chai-like caffeine-free tonic that gives the comfort, warmth, and energy we seek in other stimulants.


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-Dandelion root stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion.

-Astragalus root contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage. Astragalus is used to protect and support the immune system, preventing colds and upper respiratory infections, lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver. Astragalus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

-Rhodiola root powder has a long tradition of being used to help increase stamina, concentration, and mental well-being.

-Marshmallow root powder is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract.

-Cinnamon sticks  -The oils found in cinnamon bark are thought to reduce spasms, reduce gas (flatulence), and stimulate the appetite. Cinnamon might also increase blood flow. Cinnamon bark also contains a chemical that might work like insulin to lower blood sugar.

-Fennel seeds – Rich in manganese fennel seeds activate enzymes, triggers metabolism, regulates blood sugar and strengthen the bones.

Carminative herbs such as Fennel and Cinnamon can assist with bloating and digestion.

-Licorice root may have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects.

-Ginger Root

  • Better Digestion. Ginger helps speed up the digestion process and empty your stomach more quickly. …
  • Improves Immunity. …
  • Alleviates PMS Symptoms. …
  • Relieves Nausea and Upset Stomach. …
  • May Help With Cancer. …
  • Reduces Pain. …
  • Healthier Skin. …
  • Weight Loss Aid.


Directions to use Mix 1 teaspoon of  Herbal Tea with a cup of boiling water. Cover and let it stand for 15 minutes. Strain and consume as normal tea


make an overnight infusion with 2-3 teaspoons of Herbal Tea and approx. 600- 900ml of boiling water. Add herbs to a heat-proof jar (preserving jar), pour boiling water over it, and seal with a lid immediately so no steam escapes. This way all the goodness stays inside.  After it has infused overnight, strain and add honey or lemon and enjoy.

Adults: 1 cup 2-3 times a day.


  • Not suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.


  • No artificial flavors
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • Non-irradiated


LIHM is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however, we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

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