Sodium Lactate 200ml

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Sodium lactate is a liquid salt that can be added to cooled lye water in order to speed up unmolding time. Using sodium lactate produces harder, longer-lasting bars of cold process soap.


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Derived from the natural fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets, sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid. Sodium lactate is commonly used in food products as a preservative. It’s also an extremely effective humectant, helping to strengthen the skin moisture barrier.

When making cold process soap, sodium lactate is added to cooled lye water. Lye water can reach temperatures up to 93 degrees celsius. For soap making, it’s recommended to wait until the lye water has reached temperatures of 50 degrees celsius or below. Once the lye has reached optimal soap-making temperature, the sodium lactate can be added.

The usage rate for sodium lactate is 1 tsp. per 450g of oils. Simply measure out the sodium lactate, and stir into the cool lye water. Be careful not to use too much; using too much sodium lactate will result in a hard, crumbly bar of soap.

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