Rosewood EO Blend 10ml


Our Rosewood Blend (Aniba roseadore) essential oil is one of the gentlest essential oils. It is ideal for treating sensitive skin as well as helping to relieve stress and nervous conditions.

Rosewood essential oil is truly a very special essential oil. It comes from the wood of the rosewood tree. It has a sweet wood aroma that works on the mind and emotions for grounding and centering. Here you will learn the uses and benefits of rosewood oil plus DIY rosewood essential oil recipes you can make.

This gentle oil can be used in a variety of skincare recipes, it is gentle enough for any skin type. It is beloved for its anti-aging properties to help combat premature aging.

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    • Add 6-8 drops to your bathwater
    • Apply directly to cracked, chapped, dry skin and to promote the healing of wounds and scars
    • Place 2-3 drops on your pillow at night
    • Add 2-3 drops to the warm wax of a burning candle
    • Use a few drops with a natural aqueous cream for its soothing effect on skin problems
    • Add a few drops to a little water in one of our oil burners.
    • Here are some  other wonderful uses for rosewood:
    • Meditation: Use during meditation to assist with calming the mind.Bedtime: Use in a nighttime diffuser blend with vetiver.

      Bathing: Add to a warm bath for a restorative experience.

      Hair Conditioner: Add 1 drop to hair conditioner before applying to hair for healthy scalp and hair.

      Face Oil: Add a drop to rosehip oil and apply it to the skin to promote glowing, youthful skin.

      Perfume: Use its exotic aroma as a natural perfume.

      Skin Healing: Use on scrapes and cut to help skin heal (dilute first).



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