Hyaluronic Acid 1%

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What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is two things:

  1. glycosaminoglycan. This is a super fancy name for a vital naturally occurring substance that’s part of the skin’s ability to stay youthful. As the glycosaminoglycan in skin, hyaluronic acid works to keep every aspect of skin stable, safeguarded, and constantly renewed.
  2. humectant. This means it draws moisture from its surroundings. Humectants are often found in water-based moisturizers, serums, and other leave-on skincare products because of their ability to help boost hydration for all skin types.

So what does HA do?

It moisturizes beyond comparison! Listen to this…

HA can hold up 1,000 times its weight in water. WHAT!

“Okay, wow…isn’t that too much water for my skin?” Good news is HA is super smart and never over-hydrates your skin so you’re good there.

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Due to it being super hydrating, HA is a great ingredient for anti-aging needs too! When we’re young, our skin can hold a lot of moisture, but as we age our skin isn’t so great at retaining hydration. This is why we see more sagging, wrinkles, and everything we all fight! Adding this hydration-packing ingredient into your daily skincare routine can prevent serious aging down the road.

What is Sodium Hyaluronate?

Sodium hyaluronate (SH) is actually derived from hyaluronic acid (hence why you see them interchanged so often!), but it is a salt-form. The perk of sodium hyaluronate is that it’s actually smaller molecular size than hyaluronic acid so it has a much easier time deeply penetrating the skin.

Since SH is in a salt form, it’s also less likely to oxidize than its larger molecular counterpart.



ORIGIN; South Africa

APPEARANCE / Constituency: Viscous serum-like liquid

QUALITY: 100 % Hyaluronic acid at 1 % concentration

STORAGE CONDITION; Store in a cool dark place


Apply pure a tiny amount on your face, neck and targeted area (fine lines, wrinkles…) in the morning and at night before moisturizing.

Just add a few drops of hyaluronic serum into essential oils, carrier oils, bases and mix with other active ingredients, to personalize your Youth cream, Day and night moisturizing cream, precious face oils

And to create Hair serum to discipline, repair, coat and moisturize.


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