Essential Oil Blend CLEAN AIR 5ML


A concentrated, 100% organically blend of lemon, tea tree and orange essential oils formulated to create a  clean, refreshing scent. When diffused, this blend works to eliminate unwanted odors and keep your space smelling pure and fresh.

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When diffused indoors, Lemon Essential Oil eliminates toxins in both the air and on surfaces. It can be used as a non-toxic cleaner and air freshener throughout the home for a mood-elevating, cooling, and revitalizing effect. It has a calming effect that can subdue negative moods such as anxiety.

There are a ton of benefits to diffusing tea tree oil, ranging from fewer insect bites to less acne. This oil can kill germs, promote wound healing, soothe inflammation, and much more

Orange Essential Oil can deodorize while exuding its own fresh and energizing scent. Simply inhaling the scent can have a sedative, relaxing effect that simultaneously reduces anxiety and contributes to the feeling of being alert. Orange Oil can be diffused throughout a room and is reputed to boost the mood and even improve digestion.


  • Roller bottle: Mix 6 drops with a 15ml carrier oil
  • Diffuser: 3-4 drops into your diffuser


100% organically Lemon, Tea tree & Orange essential oils


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