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Cyclomethicone is one of the most commonly used silicones in hair care. It’s a volatile silicone, which means it evaporates and won’t build up on your hair. It gives a silky, smooth feel and leaves the hair with incredible slip when wet and is found in both leave-on and rinse-off products.

Try our DIY Hair serum to tame and conditon belwo (recipe below)


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What is it?

Cyclomethicone is a general term describing both individual and/or a mixture of cyclic siloxane materials that have many uses and are found in a variety of consumer products. These materials are derived from the natural elements silicon and oxygen.


Hair Serum

62.5% Cyclomethicone
31.25% Dimethicone
2.08% Virgin Coconut Oil
4.16% Isopropyl Myristate

Weigh everything into a heat safe container.

Heat gently until the coconut oil has melted.

Stir well.

Pour into dropper bottles.

Seal, label and enjoy!

The Dimethicone in this recipe helps to tame and condition the hair. It adds some slip and glide to the hair.

Cyclomethicone is a silicone oil that is really light. So light in fact, it will volatilize on your skin! The Cyclomethicone will also increase the spreadability of the Dimethicone in your hair.

I also added Coconut Oil to this formulation ( Argan oil can also be used). Coconut Oil is a wonderful conditioner for the hair. Coconut Oil is also reputed to assist in the regrowth of damaged hair.

Isopropyl Myristate helps reduce the greasy feeling of the hair serum.

Serums — all is takes is a dime-sized amount rubbed between your palms to achieve maximum softness and shine. Often, when people complain about the heaviness of silicone products, they’re actually applying too much. These products are meant to be used sparingly — and they’ll last much longer as a result!


The Bottom Line: Silicones Are Safe

Even though they’re manmade, silicones are perfectly safe and do not cause damage to the hair shaft. They are safe for human use and safe for the environment. And, better yet, they have amazing moisturizing and smoothing capabilities, can protect hair from heat damage, and are one of the most effective compounds for fighting frizz, adding shine, and improving manageability. The best way to use a silicone-based hair care product is to take your hair type into account, as well as use it sparingly. If your hair starts to feel heavy or weighed down, use a clarifying shampoo to provide a deep cleanse and wash away product buildup.


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