Activated Charcoal FINE 100g

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Traditionally used as a natural way to absorb gases in the digestive system, thus relieving the discomfort caused by indigestion, wind and heartburn.

Activated Charcoal is derived from coconut shells.

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Charcoal has a strong ability to absorb impure and toxic gases.
Effective as an internal and external detoxifying agent.
Made from coconut shells.


Add two heaped teaspoons to a medium-sized glass, add very little water to make a paste.

Now fill the glass slowly, stirring vigorously all the while.

Preferably taken on an empty stomach or as needed.


Never put dry powder in your mouth as you could choke.

Always mix well into water before drinking. Charcoal may neutralize the effects of certain types of drug medication.


7 reviews for Activated Charcoal FINE 100g

  1. Simonie Kriga (verified owner)

    I love it it’s very fine I use it in my soaps and most of my pimples are gone its a keeper

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