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When you start on the journey of creating your cosmetic products you will, unfortunately, come across a good deal of misinformation. To be successful you will need to research, study and analysis your products and formulations constantly to be up to date with new technology and consumer needs.

It doesn’t have to be daunting, I personally recommend visiting the following pages to learn more about cosmetics, formulations and what’s new in cosmetics …

Please note: This is for information ONLY, I am not affiliated with these websites, books or guides and do not gain anything from mentioning them on this page.

www.formulabotanica.com There is so much information here, I don’t know where to start. They are definitely the best when it comes to courses, information, and news. They are focused on natural and pure cosmetics and are environmentally conscious.

www.chemistcorner.com there is a wealth of knowledge and community available and they offer guidance on starting your own line, beauty blogs, and duplicating formulations


Institute of personal care science also a wealth of knowledge, they offer free cosmetic formulations and 100s of youtube videos

If you are interested in studying the science behind cosmetics, I would recommend COSCHEM, they offer a part-time 2 year course. This course is not focused on formulating and making cosmetics but rather on the science of cosmetic chemistry.


It is a valuable course to learn the basics.

Here is a list of books and guides.

The Green Beauty Guide

Skincare cream formulations

Handbook of Cosmetics

Beauty Science

Cosmetic Chemist

The beginning of cosmetics chemistry

Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology principals


These guides and books are available free on the web, to make it easy to find I have just put them together on one page.

All acknowledgments belong to the authors

Happy reading and formulating


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