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Premenstrual Tea

Beautifully antispasmodic, this fabulous tea will take away water retention, bloatedness and improve circulation, and make you feel better.

Yarrow has antispasmodic, astringent and antibacterial properties and it will effectively easepremenstrual tension.

Fennel has fantastic detoxifying, digestive, and cleansing properties, it assists with cramps and bloating.

Parsley is nature’s most amazing plant. Effective for gout, arthritis, cystitis, treating bladder infections, delayed menstruations, and fever.

To make a tea:

In a tea pot, add

1 tsp dried yarrow leaves,

1 tsp dried fennel leaves,

1 tsp dried parsley

Add 2 cups boiling water and the juice of 1/2 lemon.

Stand for 5 minutes and then strain.

Sip slowly and enjoy

( adapted from Margaret Roberts: Herbal teas for Healthy Living)

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